Plus Size Cooling Bra Review

 Today I’ll review two ‘functional garments’.  First the new plus size cooling bra and second the plus size moisture wicking bra liner. 


cooling bra

Plus Size Cooling Bra                    Plus Size Moisture Wicking Bra Liner


We’ve all felt that sticky awful feeling on a hot summer day and wished there was a way to stay comfortable.  Over the years I’ve tried to use powder to stay cool.  But it never works.  Well leave it up to some geniuses to create two great new products to help us out.

First let’s look at the Cooling Bra.  I know, you’re probably picturing ice packs inserted into the cups. But it’s really nothing like that.  Basically this bra is made with a very breathable, micro fiber fabric that keeps you cool by allowing air to circulate easily.  It’s a full coverage bra and very comfortable.  It also features a special back band made of a mesh material that is super-breathable.  Certainly a lot of thought went into this bra.  I can tell you that I like it a lot.  It works very well and the price is right at $46.  It’s worth every penny to stay cool this summer.

The second product is the plus size bra liner.  This is a truly innovative product that really works.  It can be a bit tricky the first time you put it on and it will take you about one minute extra each morning to get everything in place. It’s designed to fit snugly under your back band and won’t bunch up even if you are moving and bending extensively.  The material pulls moisture away from your body and helps you avoid unsightly perspiration lines.  Say goodbye to heat rash and chafing.  This is the best $20 you will spend this summer.

While we are on the topic of interesting and innovative bras I couldn’t help but include one hilarious bra that I came across on a joke site I visited this week.  It may not keep you cool but it definitely will keep you happy!  This bra will hold 25 oz of your favorite wine!  Happy Summer!  Stay cool.

wine rack bra

Wine Rack Bra

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