Plus Size Rompers for Summer

Today I’d like to show you some of my favorite plus-size rompers.  Yes, that’s right rompers!  Those fantastic all-in-one outfits that can be so feminine and comfortable.  Rompers are back this summer and out to prove that style can truly live side-by-side with comfort.  If you’re active and enjoy walking around town, bicycle riding, beach strolls or a long day of retail-therapy, then you owe it to yourself to consider this genius piece of clothing.  Rompers come in a million styles.  Many of them have drawstrings and you’ll find a great mix of designs with and without sleeves.  I’ve chose four of my favorites and each one makes it’s own size rompers

  Blue Romper.    Sleeveless Beige Romper.    Black & White Romper.    Sleeveless Black Romper.

Plus size rompers can come with elastic waistbands or drawstrings, or a combination of both. These all-in-one outfits look fantastic when complemented with a sassy pair of strappy heels or sandals.  Obvioulsy the best place in the world to wair a romper is to the beach.  Aside from a beach cover, it’s the best possible article of clothing you can wear for a day of soaking up the sun.  And with the versitility of these four great rompers you can literally roll right from the beach to a quiet dinner and still feel pulled-together.  Three of the rompers I’ve featured in this post are a single color (or one color with a pattern mixed in) but my personal favorite of the four is the black and white combination.  This is the one I purchased and I’ve worn it to dinner on several occasions.  The comfort, coolness and style are unmatched and it’s turning into my go-to outfit this summer.  Several online stores don’t carry these so look around.  I recommend the selection at Nordstrom.

So consider taking a look at these versitle little outfits but whatever you do, don’t call it a onesie!

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